Raising Awareness and Giving Support



Our noble aim is to work closely with our local communities and society as a whole to make a difference by enriching the lives of people, particularly young people, women and single mothers, mental health, to fulfill and express their inner beauty and power.

We are always open to working in partnership with organisations that reflect these goals.

Read below about our partnership with coppafeel! and the Covet shapewear collection.

In support of breast cancer awareness Queen of the Crop has teamed up with breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel! for the Covet collection, by featuring a unique swing tag on all the Covet pieces, designed to remind women to check their boobs regularly, which they can keep in their purse.

Nzinga says;”As women, we know just how important it is to look after our bodies, which is why we are proud to have teamed up with CoppaFeel!. Why? Because we have as much passion about making you look good on the outside as feeling good on the inside!”

Coppafeel! is on a mission to stamp out late detection of breast cancer. They ensure that women know the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, and run a campaign called Bra Hijack, and Queen of the Crop is the first shapewear brand to provide life-saving boob checking reminder tag to its Covet shapewear.

The majority of breast cancers are detected through self-checking – if women remember to do it! This is where Queen of the Crop and Coppafeel! come in. They educate and remind women, especially young people, about the importance of self checking and knowing the signs of the disease. They wedge themselves into the lives of people who forget, don’t think about it or who are completely unaware that they should be checking their boobs.

Click here to find out more about the bra Hijack campaign Queen of the Crop is involved in with Coppafeel!

ATTENTION: Don’t forget to keepsafe the ‘book checker’ reminder tag which you’ll find on your Covet shapewear! It could save your life!