How to Accept a Compliment with Grace

How to Accept a Compliment with Grace

I came across a Youtube video showing people’s reaction to being called beautiful. It was toughing. It just shows that getting a compliment is good for you, especially more often. The key, though, is that you have to receive and accept it to gain the good of it.

Scientific study proves that when people receive a compliment it activates the same part of your brain, the striatum, and it motivates people to perform tasks better, have improved memory, and feel happier after being complimented.

What many of us don’t know is how to accept a compliment gracefully.

It’s no secret that we love words of encouragement, but how often a day do we actually pass them out? And if you’re getting such a boost feeling of joy, why is it so hard to hear and accept?

It bores down to one reason – YOU! Your view of yourself doesn’t line up with the compliment. YOU have low self-esteem (whether you are aware of it or not) and lack the confidence to accept the compliment comfortably.

At some point in life you have likely felt this way, and depending on the subject matter of the compliment it can cause you to automatically reject it.

A compliment is the most beautiful boost to receive and to brighten your day. My 4 year old daughter compliments myself, family, friends and strangers everyday and I witness them prior to the compliment looking dull and then brighten up immediately. It’s so wonderful to see. She has taught me to compliment others more regularly and primarily myself daily.

And that’s why myself and Queen of the Crop would like to pass on some simple suggestive word-for-word scripts for women, especially black women, to use to make compliment acceptance feel natural and gracious. Because after all a compliment is the truth. And to not forget to also give them out to. You will too feel that glow.

How to Accept a Compliment Gracefully

1. Make a conscious effort to look the person n the eye and give them a “Thank you.” I really appreciate that!” and then stop talking. You can also return the favor.

2. If you receive a compliment saying, “You’re looking beautiful,” don’t brush of the compliment, even if you don’t think you look beautiful, you should accept the compliment with a simple “Thank You,” or “Thank you, that made my day.” or “Thank you, that was so nice of you to notice,” and then smile or grin. Take a pause. When you smile or grin, more compliments may follow.

3. When someone compliments you by saying, “I like your dress, skirt, top, writing, pictures, work, whatever!” is an easy way to acknowledge the person’s compliment with “That’s so kind of you to say,” or “Thank you, that means a lot!”

4. If you’re longing for a partner and you feel it has been a while and someone says, “You deserve a good man.” or “A good man will come to you.” Respond with “Thank you. It’s taken me a long time to realise that.” Don’t bitch and moan “Oh there’s no good guys out there,” instead acknowledge they see something in you. Bonus here is that more compliments will come.

5. Most important, on a daily basis compliment yourself, especially when the ego or negative thoughts tell you otherwise, based on you comparing yourself to other expectations. Continuously repeat to yourself until you feel it is true. You can affirm to yourself,
* “I am beautiful in every way” “I am born a winner.” “I am a winner.” “I am doing and being great today.” “Everything is always working out for me.” “I am growing mentally, spiritually and in all other ways.”


blog by Nzinga Graham-Smith of Queen of the Crop