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It’s time to learn how to organize your closet in only three steps! I know it sounds simplistic, but it doesn’t have to be hard. I promise. Remember, in part 3 of the Sane Closet Taming series you learned how to systematically empty your “living” Closet Outbox.


You should have more space in your closet now, and a palpable sense of calm when you look at your clothes.

If you do not have either of these, go back to part 1 of the series before doing this. That is the beauty of having a system.

Today, we put what’s left into sweet, simple order.
How to Organize Your Closet

Take everything that’s hanging and make sure it is first separated by type of item, so dresses, jackets, shirts, pants, etc.
Then go through each “type” and re-order those by color, darkest to lightest.
For your drawers, try the single-layer roll method:
Fold in the sleeves or legs of your item in, then roll it up like you would if you were packing a suitcase.
Place each rolled item next to the others in a single layer in your drawer, so you can see everything that’s in there at-a-glance. No piles.


Congratulations on taming your closet without losing your mind!

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