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Queen of the Crop® is all about expressing the successes, courage and beauty of women and provides you with classic undergarments, lifestyle products and information to compliment your busy lifestyle, with style, confidence and a sense of well-being.


“Hi My name is Nzinga Graham-Smith, Creative Director of Queen of the Crop, and I was not always full of joy and confidence. In fact I’m going to tell you my story on how I was severely depressed and in huge debt, and how I resurrected my life to put me where I am today.


My story began when after giving birth to my first child, I suffered with severe post natal depression and at the same time I was going through tough financially hardship and at the edge from being homeless. My health had deteriorated and my physic was gaunt and did not recognise myself. In fact, I hated myself, the world and everyone. Yet it was during this challenging period in my life that I had my eureka moment, and I vowed to overcome this depression and financial hardship even if I’d die trying. Not only that, I made a vow to do something BIGGER!


Whilst I was on my journey of soul searching and meditation I set about finding the right regime to regain my figure – and more importantly – my ‘mojo’ and inner confidence. During one of my bleakest moments, an idea came to me to create a British women’s lifestyle brand and products that represented the successes, courage and beauty of women, with style and a sense of well-being, with my story and experiences to share to uplift others.


Even though I had no fashion industry training or experience, I was convinced that I could achieve this goal, which became my no.1 focus and dream. The first lifestyle product that I was inspired to create came from women always discussing about being unhappy with their body and the way they looked, even if they looked and had a body like Naomi Campbell! So I focused on creating the ultimate versatile undergarment for the modern busy woman, like you, that are of a wide range of shapes and sizes, that will enable you to feel and look confident in your own skin without compromising on comfort, style and support or having you resort to spending money on expensive products that rarely work.


It took six long arduous years of research, sleepless nights, trial and errors (I’m sure there will be more), knockbacks and interviewing countless women to establish the placement for Queen of the Crop, as a brand, and to launch the Covet collection – the first product to represent the Queen of the Crop lifestyle brand.
I continue to use my passion and purpose in the development of Queen of the Crop and its products, which is fashion and style, entrepreneurship, travel, healthy eating and wellbeing. And thrive on inspiring people, especially women and the youth, to release their fears and reign with more radiance and confidence than they’ve ever imagined possible and to share that with the world.


My Queen of the Crop philosophy is to treat my ‘Queen’s (customers) as part of the Queen of the Crop family, and I will always strive to provide valued clientele with an excellent service and first class product range.
As we grow and develop our range of lifestyle products, accept my invitation to you for you to register as a VIP QUEEN member and be part of the Queen of the Crop family. Here will be your sanctuary for enjoyment, connecting and thriving in being the better version of YOU!”
Thank you for believing in my brand and my vision.


Nzinga Graham-Smith

Founder and Creative Director

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