What to Wear When You’re Tall, According to a Confident Entrepreneur – Queen of the Crop

What to Wear When You’re Tall, According to a Confident Entrepreneur

What to Wear When You’re Tall, According to a Confident Entrepreneur

Nzinga Graham-Smith, founder and creative director of the fashion brand Queen of the Crop shares her secrets on what to wear when you’re tall, and want to dress for (and love) the body you have.
queen of the crop founder Nzinga Graham-Smith


PS: Tell us about yourself and your work.

NGS: I’m a mother of two and the founder and Creative Director of Queen of the Crop, which represents the success, courage and beauty of women.

It offers beautifully designed, luxurious and comfortable shapewear, and as it grows and develops it will become a lifestyle brand offering products such as loungewear, leisure wear, beauty, cosmetics, accessories, home wear, décor, and technology.

For eight years I worked as a publicist and event planner, putting on comedy and entertainment shows in the likes of The Savoy and Alexandra theatre, for some of the biggest comedians and entertainers out there. I also developed and taught PR and confidence-building workshops called Rise 2 the Top. They were designed to teach young people from deprived areas how to channel their street skills into business or higher education.

PS: Do you have an outfit, item of clothing, or accessory (past or present), that holds some superpower for you?

NGS: My main power look became my signature when I was doing PR in the music business. I’ve stuck with it, as it works for my shape and height (5’ 11”).

It’s usually: jeans, a striking belt, boots (knee-high or ankle), a top, and blazer or jacket, with great accessories (watch, bracelet and/or neck chain).

For Autumn/Winter, a variation would be a wool jersey dress with tights, ankle boots or knee high boots and bracelet(s) and a neck chain.

PS: Do you wear any specific brands?

NGS: One of my favorite looks includes 7 For All Mankind jeans, a white Gap shirt, and gold accessories from Macy’s.
Dressing Tall Blog Signature Outfit


PS: Do you suggest any rules for what to wear when you’re tall?

NGS: I buy what compliments my shape and height. I don’t buy with what’s on trend at the moment. Instead, I go for classic pieces, especially shoes. My rule is to invest in a pair that will last for at least five years and still look stylish.

PS: Do you have any other secret weapons?

NGS: Love the body you have and buy items that complement it, rather than buying what’s trendy. Trends are not for everyone, and you will feel more confident and comfortable with yourself if you go for more classic pieces. Invest in good, durable underwear too, for that extra confidence boost! It will make your clothing fit better.

Blog By: Wendy Toth of Power Suiting