Woman Behind Queen of the Crop

Nzinga Graham-Smith
Founder and Creative Director of Queen of the Crop

The personal experience of one woman who suffered with depression, low body confidence and a battle with expressing her true self is what lead to the creation of Queen of the Crop and bodywear shapewear collection, Covet. Her vision to create a lifestyle brand and products that would enable women to love and express themselves with style and a sense of well-being, by representing women’s successes, courage and beauty.


Nzinga Graham-Smith is a mother of 2 girls from Birmingham, UK, and the founder and Creative Director of Queen of the Crop. She has a passion for business and self-development, especially supporting women and young people on personal and business development.

In her early career she worked in the music and entertainment business as a publicist, developed and taught PR, business, and confidence building workshops to young people from deprived areas and in gangs on how to channel their street skills in to business or higher education and being a positive role model.

Nzinga enjoys giving back to her community, building wealth, reading, networking, travelling, continuing to invest in herself and well-being, spa treatments, going to the gym, cooking, eating-out, watching sports (tennis and football), going to music and entertainment events and having fun in life!